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Design Engineering


Proequipment Technology personnel have many years of design experience in a variety of products, from the ultra deep vacuum industry to the process equipment industry. Within the industries that we service there are a number of products that we can provide, from small components to computer controlled large assemblies.

We are  highly knowledgeable in the A.S.M.E. pressure vessel code, FEA analysis, and 3D solid modeling, which are utilized for our design and manufacturing documentation.

We can modify existing equipment to improve quality,  performance and in some cases improving strength and mechanical integrity to the equipment  beyond its original capability. There is a lot of equipment that is antiquated and could use a state of the art upgrade. Refurbishing and upgrading existing equipment is a specialty of Proequipment Technology.



Our approach is always a very practical one that is always backed up with stress analysis.  When a shaft is being designed it is sent through a deflection and fatigue analysis. Highly stressed components are designed to stringent stress, fatigue and in some cases FEA analysis. Our ability to utilize 3D modeling software  provides a platform for analyzing our equipment for strength and ensures the fit up is achieved without difficulty. When a pressure vessel is designed, we utilize the latest pressure vessel calculations. The weld preparation and welds all meet the A.S.M.E. established standards. Interference fits are modeled and analyzed to ensure allowable stress levels are not exceeded during assembly.
Rotating Equipment
We have many years of experience designing and working on rotating equipment, from vertical to horizontal single shaft mixers/reactors to twin shaft mixers/reactors to extruders to planetary systems for the vacuum industry. We are also highly knowledgeable in the various drive systems for this equipment. Electric drives can consist of either Vector or Variable Frequency Driver (VFD) controlled electric motors coupled to a speed reducer directly coupled to the drive shaft. An alternative is a hydraulic drive, which consists of a hydraulic motor directly coupled to the drive shaft and powered by a hydraulic pump driven by a fixed speed electric motor.
Vessels / Chambers
Pressure vessels and vacuum chambers from tabletop units to large 60-ton commercial units are all in our portfolio. Pressure vessels can be made out of a variety of materials from 516 Grd. 70 to 304L and 316L to Duplex stainless steels to more exotic materials such as Inconel or Hastalloy. Vacuum chambers are usually fabricated with 316L Stainless steel and have a variety of configurations and internal components. Diffusion pumps and cryogenic pumps are used and are backed by mechanical pumps.  Regardless of the vessel or chamber, Proequipment Technologies can supply them with a variety of specifications including ANSI flanges, sanitary fittings, electro-polished surfaces, mechanical seals, painting, etc.
Dust filters, discharge valves, feed and discharge single and twin screw conveyors, vacuum feedthroughs, electron beam guns, ion sources and small fixtures are examples of  other components that we can design and manufacture. 


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Last modified: June 01, 2004