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Maintaining a quality assurance program is vital to the success of a project. With many years of experience in handling large projects from design through manufacturing, we are very capable of handling your inspections and expediting needs.


Quality Assurance
Quality may be more stringent on certain jobs. We do not want to add unnecessary costs to parts and/or equipment, but we want to make sure that the quality standards established for a particular job are maintained. It is our goal to assess the application and implement the appropriate quality measures.
Specification Compliance
We ensure that all specifications are being adhered to and not over looked. These specifications may originate from Proequipment Technology or may come from our customer. We have worked with many Fortune 500 companies and ensured our design and manufacturing complies with their rigorous specifications and documentation requirements.
Testing is a critical part of the design and manufacturing process. Proequipment Technology has experience with a number of non-destructive testing methods. We have performed helium leak testing for vessels and shafts, ammonia leak testing for shafts, liquid dye penetrant exams for welds and cast surfaces, pneumatic and hydrostatic testing of shafts and vessels, ultrasonic testing, X-ray examination. We have implemented designs with strain gages to measure local strain in a highly stressed component. We have experience with fatigue testing components that are subject to high cyclical loading.
Weldments constitute a significant percentage of our design and manufacturing background. Most of our designs require welding whether TIG, Flux core, MIG, Sub Arc or stick welding.  Critical high stressed welds are typically root welded with TIG and liquid penetrant examined. We are  highly knowledgeable in proper weld joint configurations. Weld joints are designed to maximize strength, allow for proper access for the welder and without potential stress risers.  We have welded highly fatigued shafts with Diametric TIG welders to ensure proper backside weld smoothness and uniformity.
Maintaining a schedule is always a major part of a successful project. We at Proequipment Technology understand the necessity of maintaining established deliveries and are very experienced in ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget. We have had projects that have had expedited deliveries of a couple of days for small components to 24 months for large assemblies consisting of many overseas outsourced components coming together within critical timelines.


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Last modified: September 06, 2003